Hello Rotarians,
I have spent some time over the last couple of weeks, reading through the stories shared on MyRotary about initiatives taking place around the Rotary world. The month of June was Fellowship Month. There are more than 90 Fellowships creating a community within Rotary.
Reading through these, I came across a fantastic initiative which I thought to share with you. It is called the Rotary Fellowship for Empowering Women which is all about fellowship, empowering, elevating, motivating and engaging women into leadership roles while mentoring girls and boys into business and career role. In recognizing the
great value of such Fellowship, it has now been rebranded as the Rotary International
Fellowship for Empowering Women. They also go by the name of Rotary Roses.
So, if you have some spare time, it is an interesting read about who they are and what
they do and maybe about the other Fellowships doing many good works around the
Yours in Rotary,
President Lara