Hello Rotarians,
Last Saturday, our club gathered for our Changeover Dinner at the Brisbane Street
Bistro. It was a lovely night and we were also joined by Mayor Albert Van Zetten and his wife, Lyndle.
Being the new Club President for 2021/22 is a great honour and responsibility. Following in the footsteps of past presidents is a big task which I hope to fulfill diligently.
I am taking this opportunity to thank Past President Harry for his guidance of our club over the last couple of years and especially through the difficulty of Covid restrictions which kept our members apart. He has shown great stewardship, keeping our club informed and united until we came together again. Harry was assisted by a dedicated
group of club directors and the wonderful support from Secretary Andrea.
I strongly believe the strength of our club lies in the commitment and dedication of our members and their families, who many times have come along to support. We
shouldn’t necessarily look for ‘quantity’ and get distracted by numbers but instead
encourage into our club those who share the same values as us. Rotarians come together to enjoy fellowship but also to help communities in need and in doing this, we
respect our core values and we understand there must a fine balance of personal
expectations with the traditions of Rotary.
So, after a beautiful evening at the Brisbane Street Bistro, of good food and good fellowship, I am now looking forward to the year ahead, for great opportunities to serve
through Rotary alongside my fellow Rotarians.
Sincerely, Yours in Rotary,
President Lara