Hello Rotarians.
We have wound down to the end of the Rotary year with the change-over dinner this
Saturday. We will welcome Rotarian Lara Alexander as President for 2021/22 and welcome the ‘new’ Board (with the familiar faces of 2020/21).
Not all Rotarians (nor their partners) are able to attend the change-over dinner, so I
would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their support and more importantly their input in keeping the club relevant. The changes the Board has made to meeting procedures, vocation/social events, community service direction and friendship are a direct reflection of initiatives from the membership floor.
Even with a four-month lull in early 2020, this didn’t hamper the enthusiasm of the club to take on new community service events and modify fund raising to ensure value for effort. If you are unable to attend the change-over dinner, then please read
the annual report, which has more detail.
In closing my term as President, thank you again to members, partners and family
who make up our club and for the many hours of community service work.
Yours in Rotary
President Harry