Hello Rotarians,
I hope that the week is kind to you. As you are reading this, I should be in sunny
Broome – trying to acclimatise from a tepid Tassie to something much hotter.
Last week we heard about Capstone College, Poatina, transforming troubled youth to pursue normal aspirations. Together with other organisations, who are assisting the needy and disadvantaged, we can only hope (and where possible give assistance) to provide a ‘level playing field’ for everyone in our community and eventually across the world. This goal will be a long journey, but we are making slow but steady progress. Yes! – people like you—Rotarians and others—Lions, Care for Africa, Salvation
Army, St Vinnies, City Mission, Empowering Youth, and the list goes on.
Think of your wellbeing – physical and mental – as looking after yourself gives us energy to help others.
Look forward to seeing you all on my return to Tasmania.
President Harry