Hello Rotarians. I hope all are well, active and happy.
For those not at last Thursday’s meeting, I mentioned that the
State Liberal Party pledged $75,000 to fund the SLRC Food Propagation project. This is a worthy project and I’m pleased that the
Liberal Party had recognised it – mainly due to the support offered
by Rotarian and Lower House Nominee Lara Alexander.
Of course at the meeting we wished Lara well in the state election last Saturday. It
matters not what party Lara has aligned allegiance – we should be proud that our
member wishes to aspire to assist the ‘community’ at large in the ultimate governance capacity.
With the Liberal Party continuing in government then the $75,000 funding is committed. It appears that Rotarian Lara may not be elected a lower house representative but put in the good fight and did well in her efforts.
Rotarian Terry took numbers for the Australian Rotary Health presentations on
Thursday 13 May at the Launceston Golf Club (our meeting at the Grand Chancellor
has been cancelled to allow for the Rotary Health Presentations). For those not at
the meeting, Terry will be in touch. Other Group 4 and 5 clubs will be attending to
hopefully get 70+ at the function to justify flying in the principal speaker from the
mainland. (See details on page 3.)
The other matter that I would like to raise is that the board will undertake a planning
session and forum on Saturday morning 6 June. If you want you raise a matter for
the board to discuss (and particularly ideas to increase and retain membership) then
please let Secretary Andrea our myself know.
For now good health and hope you see you at the coming Thursday dinner meeting.

President Harry