Hello Rotarians,
I would like to say thank you to PP Rotarian Les Baxter for standing in for me at last week’s meeting while President Harry is away. Unfortunately, my aunt had to undergo some emergency surgery that night.
Last week was Volunteers Week. There were many great stories around in the media highlighting the great work volunteers do in our communities. Rotary Club of South
Launceston members are awesome volunteers and we should take every opportunity to have a great conversation with the people in the community, to share our success
stories and opportunities through service within our club.
At the Australian Rotary Health Forum, DG Michael Plunkett sent to the clubs a copy of Humanity in Action, a book celebrating 100 years in Rotary Clubs in Australia and island neighbours. No doubt it will be passed around the club to have a read.
Yours in Rotary.

Past President Krista .