Hello Rotarians.
Thank you to those that attended the Group 4/5 Forum last Wednesday at the Launceston Golf Club. The venue appeared full with healthy representation from the
northern Rotary Clubs. The evening covered topics ranging from retaining/increasing
membership, process for international grants to special projects of individual
clubs. All subjects were of interest to all Rotarians.
March continues to be busy for the SLRC. This week we volunteered as traffic wardens at the MRC Harmony Day and a BBQ for the Grand Opening of Workwear in
Kings Meadows. Thank you again you those who have given up their time. The coming week is seeking help to erect a shed at the Migrant Resource Centre
The debrief on the Friendship Ball and the Glover Opening Night was proposed for
this Thursday – however bills and costs are still being finalised and therefore the debriefing will be more meaningful if we delay by one week until Thursday 1 April (yes
April Fools Day!!). This night will also be a post-mortem on the Glover event so that
we can identify improvements for next year.
Last Monday the Board held a meeting and I will summarise key decisions/actions at
this Thursday’s dinner meeting. That said, we accepted a resignation from Troy Reid
and wished Troy all the best for his future.
President Harry