Welcome Rotarians.
As many of you would be aware, the club has a very busy schedule for the first quarter of the year. Bunnings BBQ next week, ongoing sheep poo collection, Red Hot
Summer festival mid March, Glover Art Award opening night and Friendship Ball. It
goes without saying that we need all hands on deck. Hopefully we may enlist some
help from our Friends of Rotary list but fundamentally we need to rely on our regular
club members to fill numbers.
I’m raising this to encourage those members with spare capacity to think about volunteering for one or more events and secondly to seek member nominations for the
club’s Friends of Rotary list. One nomination from each member of a friend, family,
neighbour or work colleague will make our list look very healthy – hence your challenge to find that person and provide Secretary Andrea the contact details.
As always keep well and see you at Thursday’s dinner meeting.
President Harry