Welcome Rotarians to a new month. The weather, like the world, is unsettled – periods heavy rain, hot and humid and then cooler periods. All this cycling each
week. Luckily something for everyone.
Last Thursday we heard from Will Smith on his organisation’s work to empower alienated youth. Will and his staff are following their passion and what they think is right
rather than the conventional career paths. A credit to them all and worthy recipients
of a modest donation by the SLRC via funds which will be generated from the Friendship Ball.
A reminder that we are building a list of Friends of Rotary. If your family, your neighbour or work colleague may be interested, then please ask them and accordingly forward their name, telephone number and email to me or Secretary Andrea. This list
will be really important to the club to supplement numbers when we need help.
Friends of Rotary will be welcomed to joint with us at 4th Thursdays’ vocational visits,
social occasions and occasional Thursday dinner meeting special events. If we all can
list one or two Friends then our list will look very healthy.
Keep well, safe and happy. Hope to see you at this Thursday’s dinner meeting.
President Harry