Welcome Rotarians. I hope your week is going well.
It was a pleasure to see so many Rotarians last week and particularly so given the
club was hosting the DG Michael Plunkett and wife Gayle. Last week was the last formal dinner meeting of 2020, given next week is a family night and the week after
(Thursday 17 December) a break up social night at the East Launceston Bowls Club.
DG Michael outlined his priorities for 2020/21 and partner Gayle her project relating
to organ donations. Their presentations aroused much discussion particularly after
the close of the dinner meeting when the DG and partner Gayle spoke for sometime
to individual Rotarians about their experiences.
Last week Secretary Andrea circulated the AGM notice and call for Board nominations. The AGM will be the 2nd Thursday back 14 January. If you have an interest in
getting involved in running our club then please think seriously about nominating for
either an official position – Secretary or Treasurer (2); or as a Director. Directors’ portfolios will be allocated by the incoming President Lara Alexandra closer to
the July 2021 Financial Year based on skills and interests of the successful Director
For now enjoy the festive season cheer and I look forward to seeing you at the last
few events for 2020.
President Harry.