Welcome Rotarians.
We are moving into the festive season.
Last Thursday’s members social dinner at Steve’s Bar
and Grill was a very enjoyable event. There was lots
of banter among Rotarians (as you would expect) and
the standard of the meal and efficient service was refreshing. Thank you to the 30 members, friends and
partners that made it a good night.
However! How wonderful was Saturday night’s
Grouse Vegas function hosted by Rotarian Wayne and
partner Rue at their Legana house. For the 22 who
were able to attend, all had the best of time. The
night was essentially about fellowship and socialising
and food (big big thank you to Rue) broken up by playing a few games (albeit table games found in Casinos). There were door prizes for the most successful
token winner, for people’s powers of observation and
a straight out lucky door ticket. Congratulations to
both Barbara Baxter and Sharon Galea.
To add to the novelty most dressed in evening wear to
get into the spirit of the occasion. The event was so
successful (even with smaller numbers) that Rotarian
Wayne is keen for a repeat in 2021.
Although we thanked Rotarian Wayne and Rue on the
night, both deserve our highest gratitude for hosting
the event, preparing the food, the building, the gaming tables and the small touches
that added class. A wonderful night
had by all.
There are more details in the newsletter on the Christmas/New Year
break. Please note in your diary
that Thursdays 24 & 31 December there will not be
any Rotary meetings.
Over the next week Secretary Andrea will be circulating the AGM notice and call for board nominations. The AGM will be the 2nd Thursday back—14th
January. If you have an interest to get involved in running our club, then please think seriously about nominating for either an official position – Secretary or
Treasurer (2); or as a Director. Directors’ portfolios will be allocated by the incoming President Lara
Alexandra closer to the July 2021 Financial Year, based
on skills and interests of the successful director applicants.
For now, enjoy the festive season cheer and I look forward to seeing you at the last few events for 2020.
On a final note, DG Michael Plunkett will be attending
our meeting this Thursday—3rd December. Let’s
show the strength of the club by as many as possible
attending and listening to the plans and aspirations of
the DG for his term over 2020/21.
President Harry