Hello Rotarians.
A wonderful night was held last Thursday.
Yes, the family games night was fun – thank you Rotarian Ian Smith for organising
the games. But the key event of the evening was the award of a Paul Harris Fellowship to Rotarian Glenda Iles.
It was wonderful we had both Rotarians and their families to celebrate the presentation. Rotarian Glenda has an impressive resume in her (relatively short) 8 years
membership – 2 years President, 2 years Secretary, 2 years Public Image Director,
numerous volunteering, generous with donations via her business, and the most important attribute, a role model for Rotarians and the Community to aspire to be.
On the night we asked current Paul Harris Fellows to stand – a most distinguished
group of Rotarians who over the years have made the SLRC a success.
For those Rotarians not at the dinner meeting, Rotarian Graeme LeFevre is seeking
additional volunteers for the sheep poo collection next Saturday. More helpers are
needed – please ring Rotarian Graeme if you can help.
Enjoy the rest of your week and hope to see you on Thursday.
President Harry