Hello Rotarians.
This will be a short bulletin given I have been out of the region the past week. As
mentioned last week, both Sharon and I visited Flinders Island. It has a whole lot of
elements from mainland Tasmania on a reduced landmass – east coast, west coast,
midlands and mountainous southwest. A place where everybody waves to each other, says hello and pretty much knows all 800 permanent residents.
A good job that the sheep poo collection proposed for last Saturday was called
off. With the rain all day it would not make for pleasant work rolling in wet …. and
The board held a meeting this past Monday and considered the suggestions made
by members at September’s forum. I and the other directors will present the outcomes of the board meeting next Thursday at the normal dinner meeting. However
the board’s actions resulting from the members forum are produced in this newsletter.
I hope to see as many if you (and partners) at the Legana Tavern social function this
President Harry