Hello Rotarians,
For those able to attend, wasn’t last Thursday’s casserole night at the ‘Butlers’ a very
enjoyable evening? Firstly, a big thank-you to Rotarians Di and Nic for opening up
their house and being such hospitable hosts. Secondly, thanks to Rotarian Wayne
for organising the night and bringing the Chocolate Wheel.
Certainly the Chocolate Wheel was a big hit! At one point there were four live
raffle/ lucky tickets and it was hard to keep up – I think most of us didn’t.
The board have determined a new meeting frequency, being the second Monday of
the month. If you have any matter to raise, then please let me or any board member know.
The comments written down during the members’ forum two Thursdays ago have
been collated and will be discussed at the board’s meeting. We will be back with
comments and actions soon.
For now have an enjoyable rest of the week and hope to see you this Thursday.
President Harry