Hello Rotarians,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well.
Last weekend Secretary Andrea and I attended the Rotary Zone 8 conference (via Zoom) and a joint farewell lunch for Past District Governor Michael Cooke. Interestingly the zoom District Conference had 900 online
participants – mainly Australians and New Zealanders but also interest
from around the world.
Below are extracts from the events that members may find interesting or
relevant to our club:
1. The opening welcome was by Rotary International President Holger Knaack which focused
on our changing world and the need for Rotary practices to keep pace with the changing
world. Concepts included – flexibility, best fit for community, project orientated clubs, work
place clubs.
2. Rotary is beginning to recognise environmental responsibilities and this will change the
role and appeal of Rotary into the future.
3. The broad portfolio of Rotary projects and tasks are too broad for the general membership to grasp yet fully understand. There is a need to simplify this for our members.
4. One speaker had a very relevant statement – Volunteering is the avenue to health and
happiness. Is this true for most of us?
5. The conference exemplified Rotary projects across New Zealand, the work of Purple
House in outback Northern Territory and the importance of Rotaract to encourage younger
community members to share in community work.
6. The Past District Governor, Michael Cooke presented a non-Rotarian Humanitarian volunteering award to Shirley Thorne for the many hours (over decades) spent volunteering.
7. The Tasmanian District has had a total increase of membership of 17 which is third best in
the Australasian Zone.
8. Tasmania is the only state in Australia holding the Science and Engineering Challenge.
9. The West Tamar Club has opened an opportunity shop in Beauty Point. Longford Rotary
will open their opportunity shop at 10am on 3rd October.
10. The District Rotary social event will be on the Tasman Peninsula on 21 & 22 November.
11. Rotary is 100 years old in Australia. A few celebrations are planned including a baton
If you have an interest to hear the whole of the 1.5 hour conference, then please find the
recording on the Zone 8 website.
Don’t forget that this week’s Thursday meeting will NOT be at the Grand Chancellor but a
casserole night at Rotarians Di and Nic Butler’s house. (See details above.)

President Harry