Hello Rotarians,
I hope that the smidgen of Spring weather has brightened your week (and a sign of that time of the year that makes everyone happy).
Our speaker last week, artist Nigel Lazenby, was a different vocation than we nor- mally have as a guest speaker, but was equally as fascinating. One message that is clear with all our speakers is to pursue your passion rather than what others think you should do.
The board meeting is now the second Monday of the month (next week) and I wel- come any input by members.
Last week Rotarian Graeme LeFevre mentioned we have a huge list of back orders for sheep poo. Hence we will spend quite a few Saturdays around and under shear- ing sheds. If more members (and their friend(s)/family) can make themselves avail- able for these days, then as the saying goes – ‘many hands make light work’. Those who currently volunteer know it is a very sociable day.
This edition’s brief fact on Rotary is on the structure of Rotary in Australia. Please find out later in the bulletin.
Hope to see you at this week’s dinner meeting.

President Harry.