Hello Rotarians,

This week is a members’, partners’ and friends’ social night at the Riverside Golf Club. For those eager ‘brush-up’ on your general knowledge and it will be a quiz night. A big thank you to Rotarian Les Baxter and his team in organising the night.
Last Monday the board held a meeting and as always we welcome suggestions from the general membership to be included in the board’s discussion. The outcomes of the board meeting will be presented at the next Grand Chancellor dinner meeting.
Unless you have already done so, the club is looking for volunteers (members or friends) to assist with the sheep poo collection this Saturday 29 August (contact Rotarian Graeme LeFevre) and the St Vinnies Food van (contact Rotarian Dale Luck).
Stay well and healthy (be vigilant with the COVID 19 restrictions) until next we meet at Riverside or later.
President Harry