Hello Rotarians.   Almost half of the year has passed – but for many, 2020 has stood still or for businesses it has likely gone backwards.
As a community we are entering a nervous period – all wanting an end to the COVID 19 pandemic and hence a return of all freedoms – but with this relaxation there appears to be some flare-ups in the northern states.
With much hope maybe the virus is now far less prevalent in Tasmania and the small steps to returning to normality, authorised by our state government, will be sustainable.  One thing is for certain is that we need to take these steps into the unknown sooner or later.  If we wait for an absolute guarantee (i.e everybody inoculated) then we will be treading water for another twelve months – two years.  It looks like nobody wants to be that patient.
Our club is seeing to return to some normality all strictly within the recommendations of the government.  This Thursday is purely a social function at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill (Prospect). Saturday 11th July will be our changeover dinner and then from Thursday 16th July onwards our weekly meetings will resume at the Grand Chancellor.  As much as we would like to see every one of our members attend, if members do not feel comfortable or believe it is too early for them, then please do not feel obligated to attend until you are ready to do so.   Just let us know and we’ll note you as an apology until we hear from you otherwise.
The above said, I’m looking forward to saying hello face to face, whether sooner or later.  The Grand Chancellor have implemented certain restrictions and requirements (social distancing when moving around, hand sanitation, queuing at bars/registers) as part of their COVID 19 plan – please respect and adhere to these requirements.
If you are ready to volunteer, then sheep poo collection days are coming up.  The club will have its own COVID 19 plan for every event.
I hope to see many of you (and friends/partners) at the changeover dinner.  Unfortunately I am unable to attend the Iron Horse Bar and Grill this Thursday due to a private engagement (with my wife Sharon on our 43th anniversary).
As promised, I have included a more comprehensive quiz given there was not one last week.
Stay safe and practice safety. President Harry.