Welcome Rotarians.

A lot has happened in the past week.  The board held a meeting essentially to establish a donations strategy during COVID 19 and to establish membership fees for 2020-21.

Thank you to those who attended the club zoom meeting on Thursday 14 May and particularly for casting votes on the above two matters.   The votes were overwhelming support for: 1.  The club charging the full amount of members costs paid to the District and Rotary Inter
national.   (To remind members Steve presented the District and International costs for next year: International Dues – $119,  District Dues – $57,  District Insurance – $43,  RDU Magazine – $44 = a total of $263 per member.) To recap, the club membership fee for 2020-21 will be $263.   Members can pay as a lump sum or if you prefer, by installments.  Invoices will be sent in the next week.  Payment (or installments arranged) will be required by 30 June – the date the club must transfer the District and International dues.

2.  Continue to support charities that provide local services generally in the region of $5000 grants.  (When formal funding requests are received from local charities, then the view of the membership will be front of mind when making a decision.)

You may recall that members were asked about making personal donations to a local charity equivalent to the weekly Grand Chancellor meal charge ($26).  The board considered a club organised voluntary donation would be too awkward and an administrative challenge.  The board considered this to be a personal decision and best arranged by each member.

On a sad note the board acknowledge two resignations – Graham Gough and Gaylene Baker.  Graham has temporary resigned due to immediate family reasons and Gaylene is moving to the North West to look after family.  The club has extended our appreciation for service to the community and best wishes in the future.

Don’t forget that there is a club meeting this Thursday.  More details in this newsletter.

I hope to see as many members as possible at Thursday’s zoom meeting.  Let’s aim for 30+ members at the meeting.  Going well, the aim is for fortnightly zoom meetings.  (PS – it is very easy to join into the meeting.)

I have taken enough space in this week’s newsletter, hence there is no puzzle.  It will be back next week.

President Harry.