Welcome Rotarians.    We ventured into cyber space and held a video club meeting last Thursday.  Thank you to the 21 members who logged in and a particular thank you to Rotarian (good) Les for the technology to make it happen. It was evident that members were not novices to video (Zoom) meetings with most well stocked with finger food and a beverage.  The meeting not only was a social occasion, to reconnect members, but allowed members to voice opinion on two important matters – member subscriptions for 2020-21 and a donations strategy in this COVID 19 environment.  Thank you to all members at the meeting for voting – a strong opinion was expressed which will be considered by the board in determining a decision. It was very evident that the video meeting was a success.  So much so that members were seeking video meetings each fortnight. Please note in your diaries a club meeting for 6.45pm Thursday 28 May.  More details in next week’s newsletter. Below are the puzzles for this week. (I’m reading ‘Numberland’ a book on mathematics – strange eh for an engineer.  I promise next week will be substantially different for those who dislike numbers.) Bye until next week.  Don’t forget to make those 2 calls to members to find out how they are going.  And note Thursday 28 May in your diary. President Harry