Last week’s guest Speaker, Stephanie  Groves is a second-year university student, pursuing Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Prosthetics degrees at Latrobe University, Melbourne. Stephanie has just returned from a month-long practical assignment in Cambodia, a country she has visited previously. Stephanie said her visit was a life-changing experience. Cambodia has many amputees—the legacy of the Khmer Rouge conflict where many land mines were used and also the result of road crashes. As well, Cambodia does not have the availability of advanced orthopedic surgery, leading to amputation being the treatment for serious injuries. Stephanie helped local clinical staff make and fit prosthetic limbs. She said it was a very emotional experience seeing a man walk unaided for the first time in 27 years after being fitted with a prosthetic leg. Among those receiving prosthetics were children and adults with club feet, a condition that is not treated in Cambodia. The prosthetic limbs made in Cambodia are not as sophisticated as those made in Australia, but considerably cheaper. A prosthetic leg made in Cambodia costs around USD250.00. A leg made in Australia would cost about AUD5,000.00.  A leg takes about three days to make in Cambodia. Stephanie said that the staff, in the absence of proper equipment, would use broken glass as a cutting tool. The staff were happy to share their skills with Stephanie and she valued their expertise. Patients were generally in and out of the clinic in four days after being fitted with their prosthetics. During her visit, Stephanie went to a rural area where prosthetic services were not usually available. Funding from Australia made this visit possible and five patients benefitted. Stephanie thanked our club for financial support of her visit.