Last week’s guest speaker was Rob Bramich, of ‘Traders in Purple’, who are the developers of a number of projects in Tasmania. They are a family Sydney based firm, and Rob is their Tasmanian representative. The CEO is Charlie Daoud.

They are currently developing a project in KIngston, and are proposing a major land development at Ridgeside Lane, Evandale, and a major redevelopment of the Beauty Point ex AMC site.

The Evandale project will require a rezone in order for it to proceed, and as such needs community support. That is the main object of proceedings at the moment. The development is proposed to have a range of housing options, tourist developments, aged care facilities, child care, botanical gardens and all designed around sustainable living. Approximately 650 lots are involved.

Some of the issues being addressed are traffic interaction with existing main roads, sewerage, water, and the normal infrastructure needed for such a significant undertaking. The current intention for wastewater treatment is for it to be done within the site.

It is envisaged that over 200 full time equivalent jobs will result from the finished project. However there are still a number of matters to be addressed beside the rezoning, including the Northern Tasmanian Land Use Strategy. If all goes well, construction could start in 2022.

Residential designs for the project will likely have a number of design philosophies embodies in the title, so that an appropriate overall theme, or design standard is established.