At last week’s meeting Stephanie Groves made a presentation. Stephanie is from Bridport and completed her secondary education at Launceston College last year. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics at Latrobe University, Melbourne. Stephanie became interested in these fields as a result of an injury she suffered. Cambodia has gained her attention, where there are over 40,000 amputees as a result of land mines laid during the war there. Consequently there is a huge demand for prosthetics and orthotics. Most of the land mines have now been cleared but some active ones remain. In January, Stephanie will undertake a four-week assignment in Cambodia, working at a clinic outside Phnom Penh where services to amputees are being extended to people outside the large cities. She believes she will gain practical experience much sooner that opportunities would be available to her in Australia. Our club’s board is considering providing support to Stephanie. She is happy to come back and report to the club on her trip.