The  guest speaker at our last club meeting was our secretary, Andrea Barthomemew. Andrea reported on her attendance at the Rotary Zonal Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand last September. The conference commenced with a dinner in the Cardboard Cathedral. Andrea said that the food was prepared offsite and was cold by the time she received it! On a free day during the conference Andrea, along with other delegates, was able to take the tram tour of the city. Regent Street in Christchurch has been given a South American style. Andrea was able to enjoy the city sights—the art gallery, which was not damaged in the earthquake, the cathedral which was badly damaged and the botanical gardens. A great deal of new building has occurred since the earthquake, but much still remains to be done. The conference was held in the Town hall, rebuilt and opened this year—a quite impressive building on the banks of the Avon River. The theme of the conference was ‘Regeneration’. Some conference speakers spoke about the trauma of living through the earthquakes in February and June 2011 and also the terror attack of this year. One speaker was an eleven year old boy, who was quite young at the time of the earthquake, who said how frightened he was . Rotary International President, Mark Maloney, expressed concerns about Rotary’s declining membership in western countries. However, it is increasing in India, Africa and other developing countries. Some suggestions were made on how to attract more members, such as being careful to create the right impression on prospective members, emphasising the fun aspect of volunteering and communication of board decisions to members. Andrea said that an impressive speaker was  a young man named Cam, who suffers from cerebral palsy, but who has run and won races and was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship at age 21 years. Andrea was able to hold the Bledisloe Cup, the quite large rugby trophy last held by Australia in 1998.