Hello Rotarians, I hope the week has treated you well. A thank you again to our speaker last week, Lora Niejalke, for an insight into indigenous health in central Australia.  A rare insight made possible with the help of Rotarian (father) Phil. On behalf of the club I have extended a letter of appreciation to past Rotarian Cheryl Guy who has resigned from the club after 14 years of service.  Cheryl wants to remain involved by volunteering to help in any of our fundraising or community service event. Last week the board approved the membership fees for this year.  There has been an increase of $5 from $205 to $210 in line with inflation.  The profits from club events, to be run by the social club, will offset the running expenses of the club in order to keep the cost of membership fees as low as possible.  Please note that any funds raised from public donations or income remaining will be applied to community service projects and grants.  So we are looking to have as many members as possible to support the social club events which will help to balance the administration budget. I will be an apology for this week’s Thursday dinner meeting.   Hope to see all of you the week after. President Harry.