Dear Rotarians,
Happy Long weekend Rotarians! It was fantastic to see Rotarian Ian with his son and daughter-in-law at our meeting this week. Ian must eat his Weeties! It was also great to have Neil and Tania, friends of Rotarians Karen and Josh to share our meeting, along with Marion who has joined us twice (Josh’s sister).
Our guest speaker, Will McLoughlin, gave us some great insight into chronic health conditions and the impact pollution has on our health and wellbeing.
I hope all Rotarians have logged on to our new website and had a look around, maybe updated some of your info. Also, if you could all take the time to log on to ‘My Rotary’ and check your details in there too, please.
Rotarian Glenda gave an update on our Rotary exchange student Lucy. What a great experience she is having! Please register for Conference (hop to it). Our ex-change student Ayumi will be going and no doubt she will be participating in a skit on stage.
We will be heading as a club to Sweetbrew on the 21st March at our normal meeting time. This will be a fantastic meeting, so make sure you attend.
On a final note, I would like to acknowledge Rotarian Andrew and his sense of hu-mour in the service of entertaining and educating Hotel Grand Chancellor visitors…sharing with them the inventions made by Rotary—such as the Rotary Hoe, the Ro-tary Clothes Line and the Rotary Engine for Mazda.
See you all Thursday. President Krista.