Our NYSF student, Belinda Kavic addressed our meeting last week. She said that attendance at the NYSF in Canberra in January this year was quite opposite to hear expectation before she attended. She thought it would basically involve mostly classroom teaching, Instead the program was made up of a great deal of hands-on activity.
The program boosted her confidence significantly and caused a change of thinking concerning life after school and how her future career might look. At school, chemistry was Belinda’s main interest. However, at the forum she was assigned to an ecology and sustainability group. It sparked an interest in environmental engineering as a possible field of study and career path.
Astrophysics was also an area that opened up a whole new field of awareness for Belinda. Her current plans are to enroll in the University of Wollongong in 2010.
The forum served an as an encouragement for Belinda to pursue field of interest that she really enjoys. The forum gave her a greatly enhanced appreciation of the breadth of scientific studies that are open to her.
The club wishes Belinda well in whatever field of study she chooses to undertake in 2020.