Our website manager, Rotarian Dennis Tulk introduced our new website at last week’s meeting.
Dennis said that the re-design of the website was necessitated by the need for security updates and to facilitate google search requirements to provide mobile preference, allowing access to the site from mobile phones.
The site is now a https site—much more secure. It is now accessible from all devices, is a more attractive layout and has many more features.
The updating process started in March 2018 and ramped up in September 2018.
Club members will now have a new username and eleven character password.
Dennis pointed out that a nine character password can be cracked in five days, a ten character password in four months, an eleven character password will take 10 years to crack and a twelve character password 200 years.
The most secure passwords include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
Dennis gave an on-screen demonstration of how to navigate the website, including the password-protected members only area.
Dennis said that the new site gives members the ability to alter their own details, but he suggested that members notify him if they make any changes to their personal details.
Members Working with Vulnerable People authorization details are now included on the website.
Dennis invited members to contact him if they experience any difficulties in accessing the website, including the members area.