Our speaker last week was Courtney Greisbach, the editor of ‘The Examiner.”
Courtney spoke about ‘the two minutes that changed my life’.
She explained that the life-changing experience came about through her attendance at RYLA—the Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme.
Courtney was at the time working as a journalist at ‘The Advocate’ in Burnie.
A friend gave her the information about RYLA and she shared it with her boss, with the thought that that the paper might run a story about the event.
Her boss returned two minutes later and said, “You are given a week’s paid leave and you will be attending!
Courtney confessed that she really didn’t want to go, but she was glad she did, as it proved to be a life-changing experience and set her on a career path that she might not otherwise have dared to follow.
Courtney said her uppermost thought at the time was to leave Tasmania and pursue opportunities elsewhere.

The RYLA experience showed her that she could achieve anything anywhere and that Tasmania provided better opportunities to succeed that other places might.
Courtney went on to become the first female editor of ‘The Advocate’ in over 100 years and now is the editor of ‘The Examiner’. She became a member of a Rotary Group Study Exchange Team to Italy. She joined the Rota-ry Club of Ulverstone West and participated in a club project visit to Guatemala. Courtney is now a member of the Central Launceston Rotary Club and is also a member of the District RYLA Committee. She helped launch RYLA in North Queensland. You will appreciate that she is now a passionate advocate for the RYLA programme.
The RYLA programme is for 18-30 year-olds who have leadership potential. It is run at Camp Clayton in May and is of one week duration. It usually attracts about thirty participants who are sponsored by Rotary clubs, so attend at no cost to themselves. Participants come from a range of backgrounds and occupations.
Somewhat tentative relationships at the beginning often transform into life-long friendships.
The programme features outstanding motivational speakers such as Robyn Moore and former St Kilda coach Stan Alves.
Courtney strongly suggested that our club consider nominating and/or sponsoring a delegate next year.