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Club Meetings:
Thursday for fellowship at 6pm followed by Dinner at 6:30pm
Hotel Grand Chancellor, 29 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania

Programs | National Youth Science Forum


The National Youth Science Forum is the only program in Australia that offers students currently in year 11 the chance to test-drive careers in the sciences. NYSF and now TYSF provides students the opportunity for personal growth, discovery and lifelong friendships   NYSF is internationally recognised and in 2012 4 South African students partcipated in session C, Canberra  Also, or the first time, 2 indigenous students from remote communities attended session C.

For 12 days in January, students go to either Canberra or Perth and live on campus as a university student. More than 100 like-minded NYSF participants come from around Australia and overseas to meet a range of scientists and researchers, to visit them at work and to do the kinds of things scientists do every day.

The NYSF participants debate the hottest science and engineering topics and pick up valuable skills to give them the edge in year 12 and beyond. It is not all work; they also enjoy the fellowship of their other NYSF participants through trivia quizzes, BBQs, discos and a range of sports.

NYSF / TYSF 2013 Report.

Available is a sample summary (pdf) of the feedback received from our January 2013 participants, which solidly confirms the value of this unique youth development program, as these students are our future wealth creators.

Application for NYSF are now open


Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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