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President Glenda’s Notes -12th April 2018

Friday, 13 Apr 2018

Greetings fellow Rotarians, 

Thank you  Rotarian  Harry Galea for a very interesting and informative evening of Rotarian  behind the badge. It was one of those nights when we all learnt a little more about the world around us and a tiny piece of Rotarian  Harry's  heritage.

This weekend a small group  of  us headed down South to attend District Conference,  the theme was "Aspire  to  Inspire" and the weekend certainly did that. 

 On Friday night Rotarian  Les Baxter  and Barbara joined me as we listened  to  the Choir of High Hopes, we certainly  enjoyed their enthusiasm.

  We then listened to Mike Brady who wrote the sing Up there Gazaly and One day in September  and of course he had us all singing along. It was great to here him talk about his life and what he has acheived which I must admit I did not know much about.  Mike was also recently  named Victorian  Australian  of the Year.

On the Saturday Secretary  Krista Preece, Rotarian  Les and Barbara  Baxter,  Rotarian Jacquline Kelder, Geoff and myself listened to Kathleen Wisbey talk about her experience a few years ago at the Nationally  Youth Science  Forum  and the doors it has opened for her. 

Our next speakers were Don and Patricia  Edgar and they spoke to us about "Reinventing  Middle Age" this was a great session and hilarious. Sixty is the new fifty.Google them to find out more.

Our next session was a skit from the Rotary Youth Exchange and once again we were entertained  with plenty of laughs. Our Bjork did a great job as she interviewed DG Tony Coleman. We then heard Kaye Green who is a former Youth Exchange. This was a truly amazing story, Kaye went to Japan in the 1972 as an exchange and could not speak a dot of Japanese. Kaye held the audience  in awe. If you would like to read more about her once again google her. Kaye is also a wonderful artist who takes alot of her inspirations from living in Japan, she also has a website

Our next guest speaker was Paul Pritchard, now this guy is truly amazing and has lead an amazing and challenging  life. Paul climbed the "Totem Pole" and had a terrible accident when a large rock hit him on the head. This left him with a brain injury, but it did not stop him from trying to climb "Totem Pole" again 16 years later, once again if you would like to know more google his name.

In the later part of  afternoon we all went off on different adventures, Secretary  Krista and Rotarian  Jacquilyne  visited Government  House, while the rest of us sailed the Derwent on "The Windward Bound". 

Saturday  evening  we attended the Conference  dinner known as "Dinner with the Stars", where we dined and danced the night away.

Sunday went far too quickly as we orgainised  and said goodbye to Bjork and the other exchange  students  as the headed off  around Australia for 3 weeks.

On closing  I got to understand  the meaning of "Aspire" to hope to acheive something,  and to "Inspire " to make someone feel that they can do anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my report.

Board members there is a Board meeting  Thursday  night, please come prepared with your reports.

Yours In Rotary 


President Glenda Iles 

Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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