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Guided Fly Fishing - Simone Hackett

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018

We were indeed entertained last Thursday evening, especially if you were a keen trout fisherman, by Simone Hackett who is a fly fishing guide in one of the most picturesque areas of Tasmanian high countries.

This is where the water starts from springs in the mountains and runs down the rivers over granite sandy bottoms and gives great clear water trout fishing, this is mostly sight fishing and leads to exciting catches.

People from all over the world come to try their luck at our cunning trout and will stay in Tassy for long periods to take in this beautiful scenery.

Simone showed us a video which even if you were not into the fishing side of the sport, should not have been missed for the scenery of the lake country.

Thank you for your talk and I feel that the questions fielded by most Rotarians were an indication of how important this sport is to Tasmanian Tourism.  

Fly fishing 2

Max Burr - Talking about Photobiomodulation

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018

On a crisp and clear fall day two years ago, retired federal politician Max Burr was sitting in front of his computer at home in Launceston, Australia, desperately seeking some help.

Burr, who was a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1975 to 1993, had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012. Much to his dismay, he had recently been told by his geriatrician, Dr Frank Nicklason, that his condition was deteriorating and he needed to increase the dosage of his medication even further.

“I said to Frank, ‘No, I’ll find other methods’,” Burr told me.

To see more on this fascinating subject

Max burr

Trip to Middle East-PP Dale Luck

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Rotarian Dale Luck went recent on holiday with 30 people to the Middle East taking in Jordon, Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank just to name a few of many interesting places.

Last week he gave the Club a very informative and interesting talk from this trip. As usual his travels were photographed with a wide range of subjects covered.

He explained that his trip was an experience of cultural differences that proved more difficult and interesting with the political field in these areas.
Dale mentioned some of the places he visited and their significance in relation to some biblical and political events.

 Thanks Dale for your presentation, taken with short notice, and we can be sure that his upcoming trip to Natusara Primary School  in Fiji will be as interesting as this trip.

Dale luck

Rotarian Sonia Morganti- Experiences as a Life Celebrant

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Rotarian Sonia Morganti spoke to us last Thursday evening about her experiences as a Life Celebrant

We found out that she indeed creates personal ceremonies for many more areas of life such as Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitments, Anniversaries and Elopments.

From her website she states “I create personalised ceremonies for couples to capture the essence of who they are and their love for each other; reflecting their hopes and aspirations”

It was obvious from her video and her following passionate speech that she enjoys this calling as a Celebrate, and is dedicated to always offering a warm, personal, relaxed ceremony to what every her clients do request.

Thank you Sonia for sharing your experiences with us and we wish you all the best in this field.

Visit her website


Rotarian behind the Badge - Josh de Groot

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018

Last week our Rotarian behind  the Badge  was presented  by Rotarian  Josh De Groot. This is another insight into our members lives before they joined our Rotary club. He told us about his service in the Army and about his adventures into the world of the printing business when he commenced his own printer business. His life with hobbies such as fishing and boating were of interest to members also.

He told us that he has taken up the travelling bug with a van and is just planning his next journey with Karen very soon.

You have certainly packed a lot into your life Josh and we thank you for your presentation and learning a bit more about you.

Rbb josh de groot

Rotarian behind the Badge - Harry Galea

Friday, 06 Apr 2018

“Rotarian behind the Badge” is a way for our members to give us an insight into their personal life and Rotarian Harry Galea spoke about his ethnic heritage and being the eldest son of Maltese immigrants, he also gave a interesting talk about Malta has a nation.
He listed his Community and voluntary Work with St John Ambulance Brigade, his education from Primary up to College, plus Councils and Committees right up to present day the Rotary Club of South Launceston.
His personal interests which included a sporting career as an umpire.
He told us that since graduating with an Engineering Bachelor Degree he has been employed within local governments.
Indeed a very interesting life Harry and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Rotarian behind the Badge - PP Ian Smith- Holiday to Iceland & Zanzibar

Friday, 30 Mar 2018

Rotarian Ian Smith went on holiday to Iceland and Zanzibar in 2017 and last week he gave the Club a very informative and interesting talk from his trip. As usual with Ian his travels are nicely photographed with a wide range of subjects covered.
These presentations by Rotarians always give us an insight into the life and travels of our members and are always well received.
Thanks Ian for the presentation and we wonder where your next adventures will lead you.

Ian smith

My trip up to summit of Mt Everest - John Zeckendorf

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018

We were privilege to welcome John Zeckendorf to speak to us at the meeting this week on his adventures at mountaineering.
John, according to the Himalayan Climbing Database, last year was the first Tasmanian to summit the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest
He explained that climbing Everest is a staged approach through a series of four camps with a final assault, the timing of which depends on the weather.
He said that “Climbing Mount Everest is arduous at the best of times but even more so when you're enduring a bout of high-altitude gastro. It's tremendously inconvenient when you've got a onesie on and a harness and you are on a 45-degree ice slope,"
He told that help from the Sherpa people made a big difference on Mount Everest, who set up the team’s camp at the end of each day. John stressed, they do absolutely everything
I would say that this talk was that best received from all our Rotarians and John’s hope to inspire people to challenge themselves to try new things was evident in the numerous questions he received from all in attendance.
If you get a chance to hear John speak in the future grab that chance or go to his Facebook page...

Everest 3

National Youth Science Forum- Fraser Sutton

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2018

At the last meeting our sponsored student Fraser Sutton spoke to us about his adventures at the National Youth Science Forum in January this year.
He gave us a brief overview of some of the informative and entertaining talks that he attended during the program. He spoke very highly of all aspects of his experiences and came away with a better idea of his future aims.
Great talk Fraser and we wish you all the best for the future.
This is an incredible opportunity for young people going into year 12 to get awesome experience and see a lifetime of opportunities.
Rotary is the Founding Partner of NYSF and today the 21 local Rotary districts across Australia continue to conduct selections for the NYSF Year 12 Program on behalf of the NYSF.
2018 marks the 35th anniversary of the National Youth Science Forum Year 12 Program
Apply now for NYSF 2019

Fraser sutton 3

Camp Director for Camps Tasmania- Natalie Dell.

Friday, 09 Feb 2018

Last week club members met Natalie Dell, a most enthusiastic young lady who is the Camp Director for Camps Tasmania.

The Holiday Camps have been specially designed for 12-16 year olds with all ages and interests in mind. These camps are in high demand and encourages youth to get involved, stay off technology, make new friends, try new things and have some good old fun.
They have an encouraging and positive environment where Youth feel comfortable and are free to be themselves at Camp.


District Nurses - Kim Macgowan

Saturday, 25 Nov 2017

Kim MacGowan, Chief Executive of the District Nurses, spoke to us about this important organisation on Thursday evening.
She told us that the Hobart District Nursing service which began in 1896 and at 120 years old is still going strong.
The organisation provides nursing, support workers for overnight respite, personal care, domestic support and on-call services, as well as access to equipment.
Her enthusiasm was evident about the services the District Nurses provide and her talk was very well received.

District nurses

Wayne Higgs - Condensation in Modern Buildings

Friday, 24 Nov 2017

Our own member Wayne spoke on condensation in modern buildings, especially residential last week.
This has become a problem with the introduction of lightweight and engineered timbers instead of the old growth eucalypt timber, and also the higher requirements for insulation.
The latter has moved the dew point in walls, roofs and floors, so that moisture collects closer to the internal surfaces. When coupled with the lesser durability of modern timber framing, a real problem is occurring in both excessive condensation, and consequential rotting of relatively new timber framing. The Tasmanian Government has recognised this problem, which has essentially been caused by requirements of the National Building Code, and has sponsored research to address it, and take recommendations to the national body.
He also discussed what measures we can take in the meantime.
A very informative and interesting talk from, once again, one of our own.

Wayne mentioned a guidance/advice booklet last week and here is the link for you all to download the PDF.


Wine Connoisseur Auction

Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017

I read somewhere that "Whether you hit the books or hit the bottle, the best way to refine your palate is to taste, taste, taste"

Well after the Wine Auction last week expertly conducted by Craig Mitchell and his sidekick Les Grant, there was a few Rotarians who took home plenty of bottles of wine to get on the way to refining their palates.

I hear that the duo managed to take $871.00 from the gathered and some of the buyers will be looking at enlarging their cellars.

A great fun night and a very healthy fund raising event.

Thanks to all the donors and buyers for making it a success.    

Wine auction

Dr Paul Hanson - “Changes in General Medical Practice over the past 30 Years”

Thursday, 26 Oct 2017

Last week Dr Paul Hanson was our guest speaker, and his topic was Modern General Practice. Dr. Hanson has postgraduate training in a wide variety of presentations to general practice. He is competent in the full breadth of medical problems. He has an interest in training medical students and young doctors. He keeps fit by walking and riding a push bike.
He spoke briefly on the following, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Obesity (Aust is the 3rd most obese country in the world), vaccinations (covering polio, small pox, whooping cough etc), and most especially meningococcal.
The talk was also enjoyed by the 7 visiting members of the Rotary Club of Kings Meadows.

Dr paul hanson1

Sleep Apnoea - Liz Lethborg CPAP Tasmania

Saturday, 30 Sep 2017

Sleep Apnoea

Frustrated with your partner’s snoring? Well we were fortunate that our guest speaker on Thursday evening could give us some information on this area. Liz Lethborg is a trained and fully qualified CPAP Consultant and owns CPAP Tasmania in Launceston. She has Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and uses CPAP Therapy every night herself. CPAP Therapy once tolerated and compliant can be life changing for sufferers and help solve many health issues.

This was an interesting talk Liz and I am sure there were some who could relate to the subject.

Cpap 1

Club Visit - DG Tony Coleman and wife Liz

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

District Governor Tony Coleman and his wife Liz visited our club last week. Tony met with the Board before the dinner meeting and obviously was our guest speaker for the evening. He ran a video showing a speech from RI President Ian Riseley. DG Tony asks that we all make sure that we promote Rotary as much as possible. We are out there in the community doing good things but we must tell people about the good Rotary is doing.  He highlighted the importance of remembering that we also all have life outside of Rotary. His aim this year is to keep a steady ship.

Dg tony visit

John Glover Society- Mark Wells

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

Mark Wells from the John Glover Society spoke last Thursday evening about the importance to Tasmania and especially Evandale, of the Glover Prize which is an annual award for a landscape painting of Tasmania.

The project was initiated in 2004 by the John Glover Society, a group of enthusiastic people from Evandale. The prize is named after painter John Glover (1767-1849) who was an early colonial resident of the plains.

Mark gave us an excellent insight to this event and the topic was very well received by all in attendance.

Thank you Mark and we look forward to the continuing success of this award.


Rotarian behind the Badge - Nicholas Butler

Wednesday, 06 Sep 2017

~Considering the short notice for this talk and being up to the wee hours of the morning in preparation (so we were told), we learnt a lot about this Rotarian.
We found out that his first car was a VW beetle somewhat modified and it was lucky to do 60mph downhill with a wind behind.
The first Butler landed in 1822 and was a lawyer and this occupation carried forward for another six generations with Nic’s father being the last in this profession.
He told us about his exploits in sailing, viticulture, winemaking, fishing and aquaculture.
He finally told us his latest venture is to find the source of the Tasmanian Nile.
These presentations by Rotarians always give us an insight into the life of our members and are always well received.
Thanks for a great talk Nic, which from the banter around the tables, it was obvious everyone at the meeting really enjoyed.


Norfolk Island - PP Ian Smith

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017

The tour was organised by a local group, and they did virtually everything.

Firstly, the history of Norfolk Island in brief: First settled in 14th or 15th Century by Polynesians, and lasted for several generations before disappearing. The British claimed it after that, and started a settlement. In the mid 19th Century, the Pitcairn Islanders were relocated there, where they have been ever since.

The island is an Australian territory, but the locals are represented in Parliament by the Member for Canberra. This apparently does not sit well with them.
While it is an Australian territory, the only flights are via Air New Zealand, which means it is classed as an international flight!

A great time was had by all, including meeting the new Governor, Eric Hutchinson - yes - one of the '3 Amigos'. He was very welcoming to the visitors, and made them feel very much at home.


Migrant Resource Centre - Ella Dixon CEO

Wednesday, 09 Aug 2017

Ella Dixon spoke to us last Thursday about her role has the CEO of the Northern Branch of the Migrant Resource Centre.
She gave us a brief history of her life where she was born in the Philippines and came to Australia as a child migrant in 1981 from Manila to Smithton.
Obviously being such a small community they were noticed as a new family and there a lot of people who helped in their settling in even if they had some difficult times in the beginning.
Ella explained that she knows exactly what it feels like to be a migrant arriving in a new country - she went through the experience herself.
In her role with the Centre she now finds herself welcoming new families to Tasmania as her family was welcomed in the early 1980s and she feels a connection to them.
The Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tasmania (MRC North) is the leading organisation for the delivery of services and support to humanitarian entrants, migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in northern Tasmania.
Its mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and resources, so that culturally and linguistically diverse people can contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the community.
We wish her well in this role and thank her for giving us a brief insight to the work that is carried out at the Migrant Resource Centre.

Ella dixon

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