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Visit to Beckett’s Museum, Exeter

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018

Last week about 20 Rotarians, male and female, attended Dick Beckett’s private museum at Exeter.
Dick has an extensive collection of Mack trucks from early models to some significant and valuable collector-item modern Mack trucks.
Dick has also some vintage earth-moving machinery in his collection, in-cluding an Australian-built International bulldozer, manufactured in the 1940’s which contains world-leading technology and is still in working order.
Dick is a fountain of knowledge on Mack trucks and earthmoving machinery in general and provid-ed an informative and entertaining commentary on his collection throughout the evening.
His museum also contains a large collection of photographs and memorabilia items from this many trips overseas.
Past-President Les Baxter expressed appreciation to Dick for his hospitality, at the conclusion of the evening on behalf of Rotarians present.
After the museum visit, Rotarians met at the Legana Tavern for a meal.

Mack granite 02


Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018

Henk's older daughter, Maria, gave us an insight into Henk from her point of view, in honour of our much loved fellow member, who passed away earlier in the week.
Henk was a very dedicated member of the community, and got a great deal of satisfaction from helping others, especially in recent times through his mem-bership of Rotary.
He was a gentle, quiet person who lead by example and actions. He was nor-mally a man of few words, but got his life messages over very effectively.
He was a natural teacher, both in life and in his formal teaching work at the AMC, where he used his extensive expertise in Maritime Engineering to pass on knowledge to so many students.
People warmed to him, and this was not the least seen in his recent Rotary Service trip to Fiji.
Maria shared some family moments from Henk's time in Hospital following his heart attack, and ex-pressed her gratitude to be able to at least sit with him for a time before he passed.
Henk's love of helping in the community has been passed on to Maria, and she sees herself following on is footsteps in that regard.
She closed by thanking the Club for our expressions of support over the last 2 weeks.


Rotarian behind the Badge - Lara Alexander

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018

Our second speaker was our own Secretary/President Elect Lara Alexander.
Lara continued her own life story for the information of members and then went on to speak about a recent trip to Laos
She talked about her schooling in Communist Romania, and what that was like. After school she went on to tertiary studies where she obtained a BA(Hons) in Eco-nomic studies—and a Diploma of Accounting.
She has lived in Morocco, New Zealand, Western Australia and now calls Tassie home. Her career has been in Charity organisations, Emergency Services, Hospitals and now she has taken on the job as CEO of St Vincent De Paul in Tasmania.
Lara serves on a number or Government Boards, including Consumer Health and Immune Deficiency Diseases.
She recently went on a trip to Lao PDR, or Laos as we may know it. There she was involved in Child Health work with Save the Children. Educational facilities are under resourced, but the pupils display a determination to succeed, and value achievement at school.
Villages have financial enterprise training, and can give out small start-up loans to villagers who can then turn that into successful enterprise.
While Lao PDR is a Communist country, they still have the Buddhist Faith, and many buildings strongly reflect this. It’s quite a contradiction in many ways.


National Youth Sci-ence Forum (NYSF) , Belinda Kavic.

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018

The first speaker of the evening was our Club’s representative at the forthcoming National Youth Sci-ence Forum (NYSF) , Belinda Kavic.
Belinda is in Tear 11 at the Launceston Christian School, and was selected for the NYSF by the inter-view panel.
She told us of her aspirations, and expectations from the Forum. She regards the NYSF as a great opportu-nity to help her decide upon exactly which subject stream to chose next year and Uni, and it will also help her establish contacts, network amongst similar minded people, and meet new people.
She also enjoys the challenge of being put outside her comfort zone.

Berlinda kavic2

Impromptu talk on Flood Protection - Harry Galea

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2018

The Scheduled Guest Speaker was not able to attend, but Rotarian Harry stepped in and gave an impromptu talk on Flood Protection schemes in Northern Tasmania.
He talked about the historical location of Urban centres on flood plains so that they could be close to waterways.
This leads to the necessity for levees, such as in Launceston. Others have been constructed in Longford, and are now coming to La-trobe.
It is necessary to determine the level of risk, for example 1 in 200 year, 1 in 300 year, or whatever is appropriate/affordable. The flooding in Latrobe in 2016 was estimated to be the 1 in 300 year event. Launceston’s levees are designed for the 1 in 200 year event.
Funding for Levees is necessary to be a combined effort from Federal, State and Local Government. They fre-quently have to be built on poor ground because of their location next to rivers.
Some of the large floods are caused by particular weather events, like those in the North and South Esks, which emanate in large part from the substantial East Coast troughs which occur in Tasmania.
The Latrobe Levee will only protect the township, due to cost constraints.
Thanks Harry!

Harry g2

Operation Christmas Child - Beth Garwood

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018

Beth Garwood represents Samaritans Purse, a not for profit organisation which helps all sorts of groups in many ways. Tonight she talked about especially the Shoebox scheme, Operation Christmas Child.
The Samaritans started in 1990, sending 200 boxes to Ro-mania, expanding to 327,000 globally in 2017.
These boxes are the ones our Club has participated in over the last few years.
Contents able to be put in are clothes, toys, school items, hygiene items, and special gifts.
Other Samaritans projects include Providing drinking wa-ter, personal hygiene education, Education, health and nutrition, and Disaster Aid in Australia. Beth related sev-eral stories of the joy given to the kids who have received shoeboxes, and what a huge difference a small gift can make to their lives.
The boxes go to children in need, and the current focus is on Cambodia. All help which individual Ro-tarians can give is greatly appreciated. There are currently no major sponsors, instead relying on peo-ple such as ourselves.

Beth garwood

St Vincent de Paul Society - Maryanne Singline

Friday, 17 Aug 2018

Maryanne Singline who is the Fundraising and Communications Manager at St Vincent de Paul Society (Tasmania) spoke to us last night on the many areas of assistance offered to the community.

Maryanne has been an employee of Vinnies in Tasmania for twenty one years and it is obvious that Maryanne enjoys working in this sector and co-ordinating fundraising and community events.

She told us that the St Vincent de Paul Society in Tasmania has more than 1,400 members and volunteers, who assist people in need.

She told us many stories of need in Tasmania, many of which were heartfelt.

She touched on a few of the many services that she has been involved such as Homelessness Accommodation, CEO Sleepout,  Food Vans, and Vinnies Shops (35 shops in Tasmania).

We thank you Maryanne for your speech and the dedication shown and wish you and Vinnies all the best.


Dr John Whettenhall - Tackling Malaria

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018

Dr John Whettenhall spoke to the club last week about his attendance at the 1st Malaria World Congress held in Melbourne from 1st –5th July this year.
The congress featured 200 speakers including Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. The congress was sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and research institutes such as the Burnett Institute and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
500 delegates attended from 50 countries. 200 posters featuring re-search projects were displayed.
Attendees at the congress were not just medical personnel. The problem of malaria, as well as be-ing a medical one, is also a social and economic one.
In 1900 few countries in the world did not have malaria present. In 2018 many countries now have not had malaria present for the last five years.
However, the disease is still a major world problem. For example, Papua New Guinea had 478,000 cases in 2016 resulting in 306 deaths.
Tackling malaria requires a multi-pronged approach.

Dr john

Mary Gill talking about Recycling

Monday, 06 Aug 2018

Mary Gill from Launceston Recycling spoke to our members last Thursday evening.

She explained that contamination in the bins, such as food, nappies, lawn clippings and plastic bags hamper the recycling process and cause hazards for the sorting staff at the Materials Recovery Facility.

To help with letting households learn what can and cannot be recycled,  recycling auditors have been getting elbow deep in rubbish to help out.

The assessment process is as follows:

Each kerbside recycling bin is been checked three times and stickers for a pass, improvement required or fail sticker has been left on each bin after each inspection.

She said that people do have concerns that recycling actually goes to landfill, but she said that it doesn’t here in Tasmania. The recycling here does get sorted and is sold off.

There were plenty of questions about what is recyclable and what is not, so a lot of Rotarians went from the meeting better informed. Thank you Mary.


History of Dentistry - PP Craig Mitchell

Thursday, 02 Aug 2018

Club member Craig Mitchell gave a very interesting and entertaining account of the history of dentistry over the centuries last Thursday evening.

In his usual humorist way he took us on a journey that had the room in laughter and some of the primitive methods over the centuries were enough to make the next visit to the dentist a trip to remember.

Craig said that these days’ dental mechanics are mainly making mouthguards for young sportspeople, who present with a full mouth of teeth and no fillings.

We thank you Craig for a most entertaining talk, and you could tell by the questions that all members appreciated your humour.  


Rotary Youth Leadership Award - Courtney Greisbach

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2018

Our speaker last week was Courtney Greisbach, the editor of ‘The Examiner.”
Courtney spoke about ‘the two minutes that changed my life’.
She explained that the life-changing experience came about through her attendance at RYLA—the Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme.
Courtney was at the time working as a journalist at ‘The Advocate’ in Burnie.
A friend gave her the information about RYLA and she shared it with her boss, with the thought that that the paper might run a story about the event.
Her boss returned two minutes later and said, “You are given a week’s paid leave and you will be attending!
Courtney confessed that she really didn’t want to go, but she was glad she did, as it proved to be a life-changing experience and set her on a career path that she might not otherwise have dared to follow.
Courtney said her uppermost thought at the time was to leave Tasmania and pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Ryla speaker

Our District Governor Ross Carlyle and wife Penny visit

Monday, 16 Jul 2018

Our District Governor Ross Carlyle and wife Penny visited our Club last Thursday evening.

As well as talking about the Rotary Theme ‘Be The Inspiration’ he spoke about his three challenges for every Rotarian those being 1.The Generation Challenge, 2.The Culture Challenge and 3.The Inspiration Challenge.

Penny Carlyle also gave us a challenge concerning items of food and explained that there are many people who need food and during a recent visit to Hobart City Mission it showed that the pantry was nearly bare.

The Hobart City Mission (HCM) has been serving the people of Southern Tasmania for over 165 years. Launceston City Mission has been operating for over 160 years and now supports all local communities in Northern Tasmania.

Items need to be in date and non-perishable. Suitable items would be muesli bars, pasta, food items in ring pull cans such as baked beans, canned meat and fish products, sauces including pour-on pasta sauce, flour, sugar, powdered egg mix, baby formula, long life milk, evaporated milk, powdered milk, oatmeal, noodles  and more.  Basically, anything that is ready to eat and preferably doesn’t require a can opener.  Pet food is also welcome.

Any donations would be much appreciated.

Dg ross carlyle 2

Rotarian behind the Badge - Judith King

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018

Last week’s meeting features Judith King in a Rotarian Behind the Badge’ segment.

Judith was born in Bethlehem Hospital, Caulfield Victoria, which obviously immediately sparked in her a love of hospitals, spending much of her subsequent life in such places!

She said she can trace her family tree on her mother’s side back to 1024AD. One of her ancestors was a First Fleeter and became one of the founders of the Bank of New South Wales and a pioneer in the development of the Australian merino wool industry. Her family soon moved to the Northern Territory, where her father became and Air Traffic Controller at Daly Waters. Judith grew up with many aboriginal friends, being the only white child in her school. She became friends with several members of the Namatjira family. One notable achievement during her childhood was being instrumental in starting a bushfire with significant consequences.

5july 1

Guided Fly Fishing - Simone Hackett

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018

We were indeed entertained last Thursday evening, especially if you were a keen trout fisherman, by Simone Hackett who is a fly fishing guide in one of the most picturesque areas of Tasmanian high countries.

This is where the water starts from springs in the mountains and runs down the rivers over granite sandy bottoms and gives great clear water trout fishing, this is mostly sight fishing and leads to exciting catches.

People from all over the world come to try their luck at our cunning trout and will stay in Tassy for long periods to take in this beautiful scenery.

Simone showed us a video which even if you were not into the fishing side of the sport, should not have been missed for the scenery of the lake country.

Thank you for your talk and I feel that the questions fielded by most Rotarians were an indication of how important this sport is to Tasmanian Tourism.  

Fly fishing 2

Max Burr - Talking about Photobiomodulation

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018

On a crisp and clear fall day two years ago, retired federal politician Max Burr was sitting in front of his computer at home in Launceston, Australia, desperately seeking some help.

Burr, who was a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1975 to 1993, had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012. Much to his dismay, he had recently been told by his geriatrician, Dr Frank Nicklason, that his condition was deteriorating and he needed to increase the dosage of his medication even further.

“I said to Frank, ‘No, I’ll find other methods’,” Burr told me.

To see more on this fascinating subject

Max burr

Trip to Middle East-PP Dale Luck

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Rotarian Dale Luck went recent on holiday with 30 people to the Middle East taking in Jordon, Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank just to name a few of many interesting places.

Last week he gave the Club a very informative and interesting talk from this trip. As usual his travels were photographed with a wide range of subjects covered.

He explained that his trip was an experience of cultural differences that proved more difficult and interesting with the political field in these areas.
Dale mentioned some of the places he visited and their significance in relation to some biblical and political events.

 Thanks Dale for your presentation, taken with short notice, and we can be sure that his upcoming trip to Natusara Primary School  in Fiji will be as interesting as this trip.

Dale luck

Rotarian Sonia Morganti- Experiences as a Life Celebrant

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Rotarian Sonia Morganti spoke to us last Thursday evening about her experiences as a Life Celebrant

We found out that she indeed creates personal ceremonies for many more areas of life such as Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitments, Anniversaries and Elopments.

From her website she states “I create personalised ceremonies for couples to capture the essence of who they are and their love for each other; reflecting their hopes and aspirations”

It was obvious from her video and her following passionate speech that she enjoys this calling as a Celebrate, and is dedicated to always offering a warm, personal, relaxed ceremony to what every her clients do request.

Thank you Sonia for sharing your experiences with us and we wish you all the best in this field.

Visit her website


Rotarian behind the Badge - Josh de Groot

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018

Last week our Rotarian behind  the Badge  was presented  by Rotarian  Josh De Groot. This is another insight into our members lives before they joined our Rotary club. He told us about his service in the Army and about his adventures into the world of the printing business when he commenced his own printer business. His life with hobbies such as fishing and boating were of interest to members also.

He told us that he has taken up the travelling bug with a van and is just planning his next journey with Karen very soon.

You have certainly packed a lot into your life Josh and we thank you for your presentation and learning a bit more about you.

Rbb josh de groot

Rotarian behind the Badge - Harry Galea

Friday, 06 Apr 2018

“Rotarian behind the Badge” is a way for our members to give us an insight into their personal life and Rotarian Harry Galea spoke about his ethnic heritage and being the eldest son of Maltese immigrants, he also gave a interesting talk about Malta has a nation.
He listed his Community and voluntary Work with St John Ambulance Brigade, his education from Primary up to College, plus Councils and Committees right up to present day the Rotary Club of South Launceston.
His personal interests which included a sporting career as an umpire.
He told us that since graduating with an Engineering Bachelor Degree he has been employed within local governments.
Indeed a very interesting life Harry and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Rotarian behind the Badge - PP Ian Smith- Holiday to Iceland & Zanzibar

Friday, 30 Mar 2018

Rotarian Ian Smith went on holiday to Iceland and Zanzibar in 2017 and last week he gave the Club a very informative and interesting talk from his trip. As usual with Ian his travels are nicely photographed with a wide range of subjects covered.
These presentations by Rotarians always give us an insight into the life and travels of our members and are always well received.
Thanks Ian for the presentation and we wonder where your next adventures will lead you.

Ian smith

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