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Norfolk Island - PP Ian Smith

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017

The tour was organised by a local group, and they did virtually everything.

Firstly, the history of Norfolk Island in brief: First settled in 14th or 15th Century by Polynesians, and lasted for several generations before disappearing. The British claimed it after that, and started a settlement. In the mid 19th Century, the Pitcairn Islanders were relocated there, where they have been ever since.

The island is an Australian territory, but the locals are represented in Parliament by the Member for Canberra. This apparently does not sit well with them.
While it is an Australian territory, the only flights are via Air New Zealand, which means it is classed as an international flight!

A great time was had by all, including meeting the new Governor, Eric Hutchinson - yes - one of the '3 Amigos'. He was very welcoming to the visitors, and made them feel very much at home.


Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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