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Thursday for fellowship at 6pm followed by Dinner at 6:30pm
Hotel Grand Chancellor, 29 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania

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My trip up to summit of Mt Everest - John Zeckendorf

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018

We were privilege to welcome John Zeckendorf to speak to us at the meeting this week on his adventures at mountaineering.
John, according to the Himalayan Climbing Database, last year was the first Tasmanian to summit the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest
He explained that climbing Everest is a staged approach through a series of four camps with a final assault, the timing of which depends on the weather.
He said that “Climbing Mount Everest is arduous at the best of times but even more so when you're enduring a bout of high-altitude gastro. It's tremendously inconvenient when you've got a onesie on and a harness and you are on a 45-degree ice slope,"
He told that help from the Sherpa people made a big difference on Mount Everest, who set up the team’s camp at the end of each day. John stressed, they do absolutely everything
I would say that this talk was that best received from all our Rotarians and John’s hope to inspire people to challenge themselves to try new things was evident in the numerous questions he received from all in attendance.
If you get a chance to hear John speak in the future grab that chance or go to his Facebook page...

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Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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