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Migrant Resource Centre - Ella Dixon CEO

Wednesday, 09 Aug 2017

Ella Dixon spoke to us last Thursday about her role has the CEO of the Northern Branch of the Migrant Resource Centre.
She gave us a brief history of her life where she was born in the Philippines and came to Australia as a child migrant in 1981 from Manila to Smithton.
Obviously being such a small community they were noticed as a new family and there a lot of people who helped in their settling in even if they had some difficult times in the beginning.
Ella explained that she knows exactly what it feels like to be a migrant arriving in a new country - she went through the experience herself.
In her role with the Centre she now finds herself welcoming new families to Tasmania as her family was welcomed in the early 1980s and she feels a connection to them.
The Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tasmania (MRC North) is the leading organisation for the delivery of services and support to humanitarian entrants, migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in northern Tasmania.
Its mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and resources, so that culturally and linguistically diverse people can contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the community.
We wish her well in this role and thank her for giving us a brief insight to the work that is carried out at the Migrant Resource Centre.

Ella dixon

Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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