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Hotel Grand Chancellor, 29 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania

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Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018

Henk's older daughter, Maria, gave us an insight into Henk from her point of view, in honour of our much loved fellow member, who passed away earlier in the week.
Henk was a very dedicated member of the community, and got a great deal of satisfaction from helping others, especially in recent times through his mem-bership of Rotary.
He was a gentle, quiet person who lead by example and actions. He was nor-mally a man of few words, but got his life messages over very effectively.
He was a natural teacher, both in life and in his formal teaching work at the AMC, where he used his extensive expertise in Maritime Engineering to pass on knowledge to so many students.
People warmed to him, and this was not the least seen in his recent Rotary Service trip to Fiji.
Maria shared some family moments from Henk's time in Hospital following his heart attack, and ex-pressed her gratitude to be able to at least sit with him for a time before he passed.
Henk's love of helping in the community has been passed on to Maria, and she sees herself following on is footsteps in that regard.
She closed by thanking the Club for our expressions of support over the last 2 weeks.


Rotary Club of South Launceston District D9830
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